Easy to get to

Only one hour flight from Bali (Komodo Airport) – Six flights a day


Flores is three times the size of Bali with only one-third of Bali’s population.


Attracting savvy globe trotters, international eco-enthusiasts and jet-setters alike

Easy living

Friendly and welcoming locals.

Dear prospective Ponti Rock member,

We would love to share with you the opportunity of investing in a magical place.

When we thought up the concept of Ponti Rock, we were dreaming of finding a pristine virgin paradise with epic beaches that we could share with those we thought would appreciate this as much as we do. A few years ago, when we flew for the first time to West Flores, we did not know what we might find there. Originally, we had gone there in search of quiet respite, a stone’s throw away from our ever-modernizing Bali with its bustling nightlife, explosion of shops and eateries and increasing number of tourists and traffic…We just wanted an escape from the hustle and bustle; something different, more secluded and exclusive, a place where time would feel like it was slowing down instead of gaining on us.

And we think we hit the jackpot : unspoiled tropical bliss only one hour from Bali by easy, affordable, hassle-free domestic daily flights leaving several times a day.

Flores is a group of islands in Indonesia, located in the Nusa Tenggara Timor region. With a population of only 800,000 for a place three times bigger than Bali, peaceful Flores boasts some of the world’s most beautiful natural attractions :

  • A heaven for nature lovers, Flores offers endless variety of adventures and activities from deep sea fishing to waterfall diving.
  • Some of the world’s best diving! The unique fusion between the Pacific and Indian Oceans creates plankton-rich seas, that attract almost every imaginable kind of marine life! (850 species and many more expected to be discovered), making it one of the richest coral reefs in the world.
  • Komodo National Park and Kelimutu National Park are the two amazing national parks that protect endangered species found nowhere else on earth.

Now, let's show you what your future heaven will look like.